Leaving my digital footprint…

Scott’s Pole Barn

Yesterday I described how I was deconstructing Dan’s barn for wood and tin to use in my own barn.┬áSince I figured Dan’s barn wasn’t doing to supply enough material for my own barn project, I try to keep my eyes open for similar structures that could also be salvaged. Last fall, not long after we […]

Dan’s barn

I’ve spent the summer tearing down a friend’s barn to salvage the materials for use in my barn. I want to turn our big 60′ x 75′ barn into a workshop for me, and I want the inside to look rustic. Therefore, I decided I needed old barn siding and aged roofing tin to give […]

Back at it…

Sheesh…I can’t believe that (once again!) I’ve let this blog go for far too long without an update. Since we purchased our new acreage, I’d always intended to use this blog as a way of documenting the progress made on building a shop, updating the house, etc. However, I just haven’t used to the whole […]