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Hello world!

I got started putting this blog together on February 10, 2013. There really isn’t a lot here just yet…in fact, the core site itself is still in major shambles while I’m trying to get things arranged and put away. I also have to teach myself how the blogging software operates, so getting this going is going to take a little time. Considering I normally only have a couple hours in the evening to get it done, it might 36857_1448056316398_5706624_ntake a while. Please be patient and check back soon to see how things are coming along. (I might actually have something worth checking out…but then again, who knows?)

I like just about anything automotive-related, and I’m currently working on two different vehicle restorations. Somewhere on here I’ll have a complete progress reports on both…my ’67 Olds 442 and my ’67 Ford F100 pickup.