Leaving my digital footprint…

Scott’s Pole Barn

Yesterday I described how I was deconstructing Dan’s barn for wood and tin to use in my own barn.¬†Since I figured Dan’s barn wasn’t doing to supply enough material for my own barn project, I keep my eyes open for similar structures that could also be salvaged. Last fall, not long after we moved in […]

Dan’s barn

I’ve spent the summer tearing down a friend’s barn to salvage the materials for use in my barn. I want to turn our big 60′ x 75′ barn into a workshop for me, and I want the inside to look rustic. Therefore, I decided I needed old barn siding and aged roofing tin to give […]

Back at it…

Sheesh…I can’t believe that (once again!) I’ve let this blog go for far too long without an update. Since we purchased our new acreage, I’d always intended to use this blog as a way of documenting the progress made on building a shop, updating the house, etc. However, I just haven’t used to the whole […]

More junkyarding

Whoops…didn’t get in my nightly post last night, but at least I’m getting it corrected before noon! Went back to the salvage yard yesterday to get the chrome grille off the ’61 Ford F250 that I posted pics of Friday night in this post, and also came home with the map pocket and trim from […]

A fun day junk-yarding!

Since the weather was predicted to be so nice today (highs in the upper-70s/low-80s), on a spur of the moment this morning I decided to take a vacation day from work and go do my all-time favorite recreational past-time…which is junkyarding. Just like women enjoy shopping, and will spend a whole day browsing in the […]

Not much to talk about

Second night in a row…I’m making a blog post. This is going to be one of those ‘not a lot to say’ updates. Nothing much is going on, but since I’m trying to make this a daily routine, I need to just sit and type, making this a part of my regular evening routine. As […]

A new job?

A couple weeks ago, the city of West Point ran a help-wanted ad in the West Point News (where I work as a pressman), looking for someone to run the local solid waste dump station. After giving it some thought, I decided to submit an application and see how it turned out. Why would I […]